Welcome - Marhaba - Isten Hozott

Hungarian Gulf Trading Center Llc is a Dubai, U.A.E. registered organisation, representing Hungarian companies in U.A.E. We are proud to present our Hungarian partner companies, as all of them are already recognized for their quality products in Europe, and in other parts of the world as well. We hope, that utilizing our local U.A.E. connections we can help establish new trading relations, thus developing the cooperation between our countries. We strongly beleive, that our portfolio can be benefitial to our U.A.E. partners and their clients as well.


Our main objective is to find new markets for the European Union quality food and non-food products of our country. We believe, that we are competitive in quality and prices as well, bringing alternative products to the U.A.E. and other Gulf markets. We are looking for long term strategic trading, distribution as well as retail partners for our companies.